Immersion Retreats

Staying at Casa Colorado is a glimpse into a lifestyle. Not only do we fill our life with healthy and delicious food and an appreciation for art that we share with every guest, but we also take time to delve deeply into our hobbies and passions. Take the unique opportunity to learn something new during your stay at the Casa, or plan your visit around an intensive study, the decision is yours! We are now offering hands-on classes in drumming, ceramics and cooking! Available as an individual or group lesson.

The Music retreat
Come stay at Casa Colorado, but while you’re here experience drumming from around the world. Learn to play Cuban, Brazilian, African, or New Orleans style rhythms and beats while relaxing and enjoying all of the spa style benefits of Casa Colorado. This retreat focuses on the basics of hand technique, control, and changement of hands. Rhythms will be explored through learning accompaniment parts, and focusing on timing and consistency. The classes can move into more advanced drumming at the students pace. These classes can be geared towards anyone of any age and can definitely be a great bonding experience between you and your child.

A Slice of Pottery and Ceramics (101 to advanced wheel throwing)
Learn to hand-build, throw on the wheel and work with basic glazing and firing techniques. This can be an introduction to working with clay, or the studio is available for any more advanced artists that might just enjoy using the studio while relaxing in the confines of Casa Colorado.

Cooking the Whole Foods Way
Enjoy a few hours in the kitchen with Morgan learning how to cook healthy and tasty meals using whole foods the way nature intended! We’ll discuss how to stock your kitchen for simple meals and great ideas for invigorating your kitchen repertoire. We’ll also give ample time for ingredient substitutions – wonderful knowledge for vegetarians, vegans and others modifying their diets away from traditional ingredients. We’ll cook a light meal for your enjoyment.
Wednesday and Saturday classes have the option of meeting at the Boulder Farmer’s market to shop for ingredients, learn how to pick great local produce and decide what’s for dinner!