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Winter Special!

Posted on: February 27, 2013

Come experience the powder at Casa Colorado!! Great skiing, sledding, snow shoeing!!  Have fun out there!!

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Some Photos of Casa Colorado

Posted on: January 3, 2013

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Fall 2011

Posted on: October 13, 2011

As I write from a rainy Casa Colorado I can’t help but acknowledge that there’s a hint of turning seasons in the air. We’ve had exceptionally beautiful summer here with the gardens thriving in the additional moisture we’ve had. I’m calling this the Year of the Sunflower as the sunflowers around the property are rocketing towards the sky – the greenhouse has a patch that will surely reach the 14 foot ceiling. Not bad for this piece of Rocky Mountain soil! In addition to all the beautiful flowers and grasses, we’ve had a most delicious time savoring fresh greens and exotic veggies straight from the garden. Summer just tastes so good! With the tomatoes ripening on the vine and the raspberries coming in strong, the view for fall looks quite lovely from here!

One of the most exciting happenings at the Casa is the purchase of an adjacent cabin which we have fondly named the “Casita.” Renovations have begun to double the size of the 900 square foot cabin, adding additional bedrooms, custom finishes, better viewing points and high end appliances and amenities. By late fall, we’ll be able to offer the Casita separately or in addition to our accommodations at the Casa, so if you’re looking for a group or family destination, this is it!

Finally, we’ve gotten up to speed and added a Facebook page for Casa Colorado. Please visit us and “like” us to help spread the word about our little haven! We’ve already added a round of new photos so its a great place for updates as well. We’d also love to use this site as a place to keep in touch with guests and share photos from your stay with us. We’ve found new friends in so many of our guests and with Facebook we can keep new friends in the circle!

We’ll be offering some specials in the near future and would love to see you here for the turning of the seasons! Until then, enjoy all that summer has to offer!

Morgan and Scott and all the four-leggeds: Che, Frida and Dulce Vida

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