Local Products

We care about supporting our local companies! The following products are used at Casa Colorado:

Bhakti Chai
An excellent free trade and organic chai concentrate, brewed in Boulder, CO. Bhakti means devotion in sanskrit, and this company works to keep up its karmic obligations!

Kaladi Coffee
Delicious free trade and organic coffee from worldwide cooperatives, roasted in Denver, CO. Our favorite local espresso for your morning cup.

Door to Door Organics
Locally owned and operated from Boulder, CO, Door to Door delivers high quality organic produce and groceries to the doorsteps of people in Colorado, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

Savory Spice Shop
A local Colorado company, Savory Spice Shop offers the highest of quality spices, extracts and seasonings from around the globe. Enjoy the aromas of fresh ground spices and take time to find your new favorite variety of countless kitchen standards – ours are found among the chiles, salts, and cocoas!

Locally made environmentally friendly cleaning products. Boulder, CO.

Ras Farms
Handcrafted soaps made with homegrown herbs based out of Superior, CO. A perennial favorite of the Boulder Farmer’s Market.

Joia Botanicals
Locally produced bodycare line featuring sustainably harvested and organic Brazilian ingredients. Profits benefit rainforest conservation. Made in Boulder, CO.

Madhava Honey
Local producer of honey and agave nectar, used in your teas, baked goods, and other delicious offerings!

We also spend a lot of time at the Boulder Farmers Market , which runs Wednesdays and Saturdays from April to November. This is a great place to enjoy music, friends, and great meals. Without all of the special farm fresh products we find there, we could never offer such exciting things as Viola flowers in your salad!

One of the most special farms in the area, and my personal favorite is Abbondanza Farms.Working locally as a Non-Profit, they are not just farmers, but also food activists! Plus, they always have the most exotic offerings adapted for our local climate. From the Blue Hubbard squash to all of the spicy Asian greens, I always shop Abbo first! Check out all of their cutting edge programs below!

We are dedicated to offering the highest of quality ingredients and supporting companies dedicated to authentic organic standards. Many other choice products are a part of your stay and help to provide the level of consumer integrity we aim to provide.